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A laundry bag is a convenient tool for organizing and transporting laundry. Typically made of durable fabric or mesh, these bags are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular washing and drying. Additionally, laundry bags can protect delicate garments during the wash cycle, preventing damage and tangling.


An apron is a protective garment worn over clothes while cooking or doing messy work. It helps keep your clothes clean from spills and stains. Aprons often have pockets for holding tools or kitchen utensils. They come in various materials and designs, suitable for different tasks.


Bin liners are plastic bags used inside trash cans to collect waste. They keep the bin clean by preventing leaks and odors. Bin liners come in different sizes to fit various bins. They make disposing of garbage easier and more hygienic.


Lunch sheets are thin plastic sheets used to wrap and pack food items. They help keep food fresh and prevent leaks or spills. These sheets are often used for packing lunches or snacks. They are convenient, lightweight, and disposable, making them popular for on-the-go meals.


Packaging films are thin, flexible materials used to wrap and protect products. They are commonly made from plastics like polyethylene and are used to keep items clean, dry, and secure. These films are versatile and can be used for packaging a wide range of products, from food to electronics.


Trash bags are durable, plastic bags used to collect and dispose of garbage. They are designed to fit inside trash cans and come in various sizes. Trash bags help contain waste, reduce odors, and prevent can contamination. They are essential for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in homes and workplaces.

Grip hole carry bags

Grip-hole carry bags are plastic bags with cut-out handles for easy carrying. These handles provide a comfortable grip, making them convenient for shopping or transport. They are typically sturdy and reusable, suitable for carrying a variety of items. Their design ensures a secure hold, reducing the risk of tearing or dropping.

Oil and grease sachets

Oil and grease sachets are small, sealed packets containing lubricants for machinery or cooking. They offer a convenient, measured amount, reducing waste and mess. These sachets are ideal for single-use applications, ensuring freshness and proper storage. They are widely used in automotive, industrial, and culinary settings for their ease of use and portability.

Water-soluble embroidery film

Water-soluble embroidery film is a dissolvable material used in machine embroidery. It stabilizes fabric during the embroidery process, ensuring high-quality stitching. After embroidery, the film easily dissolves in water, leaving no residue. This film is ideal for delicate or open-weave fabrics where backing removal is challenging.

Wrapping covers

Wrapping covers are materials used to encase and protect items for storage or transport. They come in various forms, like paper, plastic, or fabric, depending on the item’s needs. These covers are essential for safeguarding products from damage, dirt, and moisture.

Toilet seat cover

Toilet seat covers are disposable sheets placed on the seat of a toilet for hygiene. They help prevent direct contact with the seat, reducing germ transmission. These covers are typically made of biodegradable paper and are flushable.

T-shirt carry bag

A T-shirt carry bag is a type of plastic bag with handles resembling a T-shirt’s shape. They are lightweight yet strong, ideal for carrying groceries and other retail items. These bags are reusable and often recycled, making them an eco-friendly choice.